The activities here are organized around CASEL’s five core SEL … The beauty of this activity is that students will start using more positive self-talk in their brains and may start complimenting others as a result of daily affirmations. Ways to shift this activity to a virtual setting are students placing an emoji or gif in the chat box, choosing an emotion on an online survey, using non verbals like holding up fingers or objects to match their feelings, or sharing one emotion word to describe their current mood and feelings. We have created four weeks of daily discussion questions and activities that students can do at home, no technology required. SEL skills are life skills, of course! Targeted Competencies: self-management, social awareness, and relationship-skills. Students can use the chat box and place an emoji or gif with their feelings or share their response outloud with the class virtually. Download and print or send electronically so students keep reading everyday! Breathing exercises give students a chance to calm down, decrease stress, and reset their body before beginning academic content. Our students, like the rest of us, are facing uncertain times. Below are 10 virtual SEL activities for students at home. Try Lalilo! But Ray taught me an invaluable lesson about buzzwords, adaptability, and unintended results. Daily/Frequent Student Check-Ins. Social and Emotional Learning in High School ELA Instruction—August 2017 Page 3 Activities and Practices (11th Grade) Self-Awareness Provide … The Education Development Center, Inc., an international, nonprofit organization website Digital Media Arts offers free Career Technical Education curriculum for high school students that can be used to provide distance learning … Many SEL curriculums have texts embedded or suggested texts related to the topic or theme. //]]>. SEL can help students develop the understanding, strategies and skills that support a positive sense of self, promote … (e.g., elated, … This competency also includes an awareness of one’s strengths, challenges and sense of self. For example, this involves managing anxiety, stress, and worry. We know what we ar, Need an engaging reading program that also provides progress monitoring data? Sign up for a free teacher account today at. By Jill Badalamenti April 28th, 2020 ... building a community and connecting with our kids is a little harder with distance learning factored in. These SEL activities will help students learn to listen, focus their attention, treat others with respect, participate, and ask for help. Students can repeat affirmations that the teacher chooses or one student can choose the affirmation statement that everyone else will repeat. This is the time when we need to cultivate healthy relationships and coping strategies. Need more ideas? More than ever, now is the time to help our youngest learners develop and demonstrate empathy, compassion, and resilience. Need an engaging reading program that also provides progress monitoring data? Teachers can use affirmations and compliments virtually in every lesson. Try Lalilo! The ultimate list of distance teaching and learning activities for teachers, home educators, and parents in the event of school closure. This includes impulse control, goal setting and motivation, as well as coping with stress. Click the, Use Lalilo alongside your core ELA curriculum or s, Reading conferences are a truly transformative ins, Happy Thanksgiving from Lalilo! If this has not been done, it’s advised you plan for a set pick up time and location to arrange devices and hotspots to be distributed. Social-emotional learning (SEL) teaches skills that help students cope with stress, anxiety, depression, trauma and challenges in life. Social-Emotional Learning and Mental Health lessons are crucial for middle school and high school students, whether via distance learning or in person. Schools Need Remote SEL Resources Roughly a quarter of school leaders in the RAND surveys expressed a “major” or “very major” need for high-quality materials to support SEL during building closures, especially those in urban communities and in schools serving high proportions of low-income students and students of color. Teachers can expand upon the normal show and tell activity for students at home because they can share a spot in their home where they feel safe, go to calm down, share their rooms, their pets, and more personal things that they could not transport to a school building. "),d=t;a[0]in d||!d.execScript||d.execScript("var "+a[0]);for(var e;a.length&&(e=a.shift());)a.length||void 0===c?d[e]?d=d[e]:d=d[e]={}:d[e]=c};function v(b){var c=b.length;if(0