We've only recently figured out how to make successful wildflower turf, but it's a problem which seems to have been cracked by a few people now. Then lift one corner of your Meadowmat to make sure the water has soaked down into the soil below. It is important to remove leaf fall off the wild flower turf at the end of the year, using a leaf blower is the easiest method. Unroll and gently press your Meadowmat down so that the roots have good contact with the soil beneath. Adopt a two-cut approach to your lawn, mowing once in autumn and then again in spring, removing all of the cut grass. Be careful, they can be heavy! The Lawn Store sells a range of spring and summer bulbs which have been specially selected to work in conjunction with wildflower turf making it even easier and virtually fool proof. We strongly advise all live products are laid on the day of delivery. He is the author of the book ‘How to make a Wildflower Meadow’ and conducts Open Days at the Wildflower Turf Ltd HQ in North Hampshire and regularly gives presentations and talks on the subject to a wide variety of audiences. Whilst our shop is temporarily closed, you can get your wildflower seeds online from British wildflower specialists Emorsgate Seeds. For a natural look, arrange these in groups across the lawn and take out a core of soil using a trowel. Lawn to Wildflowers helps people create habitats for these helpful insects by turning turf grass lawns into native wildflower plots. Laying wild flower turf; Adding wildflower seeds to a grass lawn; Adding the seeds straight to the bare earth; If you want to use the wild flower turf option, then find a local turfing company that supplies it. All you need to do is unroll your Meadowmat on to your green roof buildup.*. These machines can be hired and are easy to operate, especially in stone free soil and on an existing lawn or grass sward. Even a small piece of wildflower meadow installed as a border or backdrop to a manicured lawn can be extremely attractive because it provides a stark contrast between formal and informal. Choose a delivery day so that your Meadowmat will arrive on the day that you want to lay it – it’s very perishable! How to make a Wildflower Meadow. Most often, your seeds will germinate and begin to grow within 2-3 weeks of being planted. With wildflower turf, you’ll see more pollinators, native insects, birds, and other animals. Wildflower seeds can be scattered across the desired area. 09297147. Water the whole area thoroughly. When all the Meadowmat rolls are in place, water them thoroughly. If installing on a slope the turf should be pegged to the bank using degradable pegs (available to order), using a minimum of 3 pegs per slab. Cost per m 2 including VAT. Roll and pop into a barrow to take to the site. For a directory of native wildflower seed suppliers, go to Flora Locale. For a simple step by step guide on how to lay and manage my wild flower turfs click here. Stewarts Turf from Edinburgh are official suppliers of Meadowmat wild flower turf. Turf grass is not natural and doesn’t support wildlife as well as a variety of native species. Making sure that the water has soaked right through to the soil beneath. Important. It helps if the … Our Quality Control Processes For Enviromat, Providing The Best Sedum Roof Maintenance, The Endless Applications and Design Opportunities Of Enviromat, Achillea Cerise Queen (Achillea millefolium Cerise Queen), Autumn Hawkbit (Scorzoneroids Autumnalis), Autumn Wildflower Meadow Maintenance Jobs, Chewings Fescue (Festuca Rubra Subsp. The table below summarises the differences between wildflower turf, seed mixes and plugs. This all depends on how much time and money you have to invest, as well as the size of your land. Providing the ground is graded at the appropriate levels and the soil is clean it is not always necessary to cultivate, however rotovating and raking down to create a fine tilth will often help to achieve the perfect surface. Broadcast evenly throughout the area to be planted. Ready for laying the wild flower turf. Unroll and gently press your Meadowmat down so that the roots have good contact with the soil beneath. Trim pieces to size using a sharp knife or a handsaw. Dig the soil to a depth of at least 15cm. Office … Check the wildflower meadow seed mixes within the product descriptions carefully but remember; wildflower seeds are sown randomly so that every square metre of Meadowmat is slightly different. Here is a copy of my wild flower seeding instructions for my unique ... You can either remove the top thin layer of vegetation just below soil level to reveal bare ground using a spade or a turf-cutter is good for this (which one can hire), or lay some black plastic or old carpet over the top of the vegetation to kill it (this takes a few weeks).