Recents scientific papers Social and human sciences- July, 7, 2013

Recents scientific papers Social and human sciences-  July, 7, 2013

C Pirinoli - Études rurales

Effacer la Palestine pour construire Israël Transformation du paysage et enracinement des identités nationales

La construction d’un État requiert la nationalisation du territoire. Dans le cas d’Israël, cette appropriation territoriale s’est caractérisée, depuis 1948, par un remodelage du paysage afin que ce dernier dénote l’identité et la mémoire sionistes tout en excluant l’identité et la mémoire palestiniennes…..

JL Gelvin - Journal of Church and State, 2013

The Crisis of Zionism

Anyone interested in Zionism, the Israel–Palestine conflict, or Israel has likely heard about, if not read, The Crisis of Zionism. ... It is that Herzl's ruminations reflected the logic of establishing what he himself called “an outpost of civilization as opposed to barbarism” in Palestine. ...

MM Taylor - 2013

Internationalizing multicultural issues: Race and ethnicity

I use my international experiences teaching graduate courses in American studies at Al Quds University in Ramallah, Palestine, as a platform for understanding the complexity of race and ethnicity as both a domestic (one's own country) and international issue.


Recents scientific papers - Environment and water - July, 7, 2013

Recents scientific papers - Environment and water -  July, 7, 2013

DB Brooks, J Trottier, L Doliner - Water International, 2013

Changing the nature of transboundary water agreements: the Israeli–Palestinian case

This abridged version of the proposal developed for Friends of the Earth Middle East presents the design for an agreement between Israelis and Palestinians to share water in a physically realistic, ecologically sustainable and socially equitable manner. Existing arrangements are, at best, inadequate and, in some cases, counterproductive….

 J Broich - Environment and History, 2013

British Water Policy in Mandate Palestine: Environmental Orientalism and Social Transformation

During the period of the British Mandate in Palestine, British water policies combined with Zionist groups' settlement and 'development' activities to drastically change the waterscape in the region. The changing water conditions had dire consequences for rural Arabs' ability to carry on farming, support livestock, and undertake water-dependent industries…

I Mahamid - Australasian Journal of Construction Economics and …, 2013

Common risks affecting time overrun in road construction projects in Palestine: Contractors' perspective

The construction sector is one of the key economic sectors and is the main force motivating the Palestinian national economy. However, it suffers from number of problems  that affect time, cost and quality performances…..



Recents scientific paper Health : July, 7, 2013

Recents scientific paper Health : July, 7, 2013

Y El-Nahhal, AA Radwan - Journal of Environment and Earth Science, 2013

 Human Health Risks: Impact of Pesticide Application

This paper reviews the application of pesticides in Gaza Strip, Palestine and discusses its associated health risks. It is based on data collection and analysis.

JQ Abumwais - Hereditary Genetics S, 2013

Primary Hyperoxaluria is the Main Cause of Chronic Renal Failure in Children under 15 Years Old in Jenin District (Palestine)

This was the first study which has been conducted on chronic renal failure children under 15 years old in Jenin District to know the underlying etiology of the  disease. The study was conducted on all patients who are treated by medications or ...


Recents scientific paper : May, 25, 2013


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