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The French Higher Education is known for its high quality and complexity. It was initiated in the 12th Century, with the creation of the first universities with autonomous status. In the 18th Century (the period of the French Revolution), the “Grandes Ecoles” were created. 

Nowadays France has a high number of diverse Higher Education Institutions such as Universities (83 universities), Engineering and Business Schools (about 450), Institutes of Technology (2 year diploma) and Preparatory Classes (2 years of preparation to enter the “Grandes Ecole”). Fore more information, please visit the following links: Universities in France  and "Grandes Ecoles" in France 

Higher Education Degrees

Higher Education is organized in three levels, which correspond to the European system of qualification:

Fore more information, please visit the following link: The Bachelor-Master-Doctorate system in France.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees in the public institutions are very low (from €150 to €700 per year), while they can reach €7000 in the private Engineering and Business schools. Students from low-income families can benefit from scholarships. Health insurance for students is almost free and covers most of the medical expenses.


Generally, admission at the university is not selective; every student with the “Bacalauréat” degree (High school certificate) can access the university, while the admission in the “Grandes Ecoles” and the 2nd year of Medicine Faculty is highly selective.  

Admission of Foreign Students

The admission of foreign students depends on the degree. The Enrollment in the Bachelor Degree requires a preliminary admission (DAP), which is coordinated by the French Embassy in the student’s home country. This procedure starts in January with strict deadlines. Each university organizes the admission for the Master and Doctorate degrees with a specific on-line procedure for the diploma validation (Diploma Equivalence), which generally starts in March. For more information on the Educational System in France as well as the admission rules and the various services for students, please visit the following link Campus - France .

Teaching/Learning Language

Generally the education program is in French. Recently, some master degrees are taught in English.  Some universities authorize the preparation of the Doctorate Degree in English.


Research is conducted by both the public and private sectors. The former includes a high number of institutions, mainly Universities, Grandes Ecoles and National Research Institutions such as:

 For more information, please visit the following linkResearch organisation in France.



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